Friday, March 13, 2009

people have been eating apples for millennia
this little bugger right here is/was delicious. its smaller than your common gala apple and a tad bit bigger than the rare around these parts mountain apple.but the exquisite taste is somewhat between the two and that in my opinion is has crunch like the apples you get during the Fall months and the color is nice too. as you can see, its red, i dont really care what color as long as its not soggy. theres nothing in this world worse than a soggy apple.sog determines my taste in this forbidden fruit,if the first teeth sinking bite is sog that apple will take flight into the nearest trash can, bush or lake. but not this little beauty it was sinful sweet crunch till the last bite

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Ethan Anderson said...

i had no idea you were such a good writer...truly splendid.