Friday, March 13, 2009

F#*kin' Slayer!

Ok, so get this:
Slayer is recording their new album up in Hollywood and Dave (Lombardo) called Troy and asked him if he'd like to come up and hang out...of course I invite myself to go with him and so we did...
Here we are with Tom Araya...badass!!!

Dave, Kerry and I...oh yeah!!!  (look, I'm actually rubbing elbows with him)

Holy shit! Look at that kit...every metal-worshippers wet dream!!!

Dave is so awesome...he let us play his drums...look how happy Troy is.


Overall, it was a really amazing experience...
To be able to witness Slayer's creative process was so inspiring and humbling.
The Metal Gods bestoweth great joy upon Troy and I for an evening of which we will never forget.

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