Monday, March 30, 2009

analysis of gum care

I figure if you show all your humanly parts joyous feelings, they will perform better. Yes, this even includes your gums. I went deep into the study of a variety of gum care tools and have brought back exciting results that are completely my own opinion.
There is much to be said about old tools, i.e, metal pick, minty floss, and your index finger; however, I found the following the most joyous tools. I'm very fond of flavored toothpicks. They are fun to chew and make your mouth cool and refreshed. Also, a product called caredent (3rd from left), proved smooth, effective, and painless, and I would recommend these for intermediate care takers. My very favorite are called brush picks (2nd from right). Although the one side looks like the skeleton of a fish, they do not smell like one at all. The other side is a point with ridges that is hard to explain. They are long lasting and soon enough, your gums just love 'em. They are an overall top choice for me.

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Aamy Lee said...

Periodontology involves offering services to patients that can help individuals alleviate issues with gingivitis (gum disease), and bleeding gums