Thursday, February 5, 2009

Drag Skate!!!

Ok, so I got this idea to make skateboard dragsters...
Obviously just for going straight and flat.
here's a preliminary sketch...looks fast don't it?

Here's a shot of the first still needs some work.

...and another shot.  I tried to incorporate an artsy shadow 
and some dramatic negative space in my photo...
 Anyway, this board is nearly impossible to ride  -
- The raked-out angle and the dimensions of the trucks make it hard to push or even stand on.
I must say it is fun just to look at though...I'm going to add a spoiler and some big exhaust pipes.  
Also some way bigger wheels in the back and some little pizza cutters (rollerblade wheels) in front.
The pink grip doesn't really convey the tuff vibe I was going for but it's all I had at the time...flame-job needs a little more love and color...
Here's a clip of a flatground drag race we had in the parking lot.
I came in third.  Sevag got first.  He seems to be the man to beat.

Stay tuned for more dragskating design breakthoughs and competition coverge.

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