Saturday, July 26, 2008

my "Amazing Actor-dar" is going off like crazy!

Jack Ferver.
you may remember him from his mind blowing role as Jimmy Tickles from the Strangers with Candy T.V. series. i've always been a fan, and even more of a fan now... last night Mike Aho clued me into a little something called "STARBURST" candy, i think its kinda an obscure candy, maybe it comes from japan or something, but i managed to track some down at this specialty market called "7-11", anyhow, its good stuff, all chewy and FULL of flavor! anyhow... Mike was talking of a little T.V. spot on this STARBURST candy, saying it was life changing, i had to look it up and WHAT do you know, Jack Ferver is the star of the show! im posting the actual spot AND this extra thing i found as well. enjoy!

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